I did a fun bit of Hugo templating today that seemed worth sharing. I was previously generating my list of hashtags to apply to a social post inside of my Zapier workflow. I’d pull the list of tags then manipulate them into a single string and add the # symbol.

Today I realized that this would be much simpler to do in Hugo as part of my JSON output. It came out like this:

"hashtags" (delimit
            (apply (apply .Params.tags "replaceRE" "\\s" "" ".")
                    "#" ".")
                " ")

Two apply statements might be overkill, but it works. I needed to do three things:

  1. Remove the spaces
  2. Add a # symbol in front of each tag
  3. Converts the list to a single string that I can just plop into a post

Now I have one field that I can put into a post. I find that zero code workflows are best when simplest. Doing variable manipulation with them is never elegant.